DoorSkirts Plus! 

        ...We're #1 for #2!

DoorSkirts are an easy to mount positional skirt/tray set for your parrot cage door.

Promote out of cage time. Clean and sanitary cage areas. Drastically reduce the amount of time cleaning.

DoorSkirts offer a long-lasting solution to a daily problem. Made in USA of non-toxic and durable HDPE material.  

No more newspaper on your floors. 

What is a DoorSkirt?

**Hi! and Thank You for visiting my site. Little side of 10-18-2014, I am in the process of re-designing my website. While there is content on each of the pages, I still have lots of pictures and content to still add. I will be offering the DoorSkirts here too, but at the moment they are available at (keyword: doorskirt), StarBird Parrot, Inca's Secret and Bastrop Cages. The DoorSkirts had been more highly available up until about a year ago when I put the business on hold. I am very happy to be back and appreciate your interest in the skirts :) Karen.

The DoorSkirts are an easy to mount, easy to remove, positional skirt set that mounts right to the cage door.

If you use the flared aprons (that go around the perimeter base of most cages) you will find that the width of an open door extends out more than the width of the flared aprons....making parrot owners have to place newspaper and/or mats underneath the door area of the cage. DoorSkirts eliminate that need. They do not interfere with the flared aprons. You can open and close the cage door with the skirts still on, even position the skirt higher and protect the doors latch/handle from collected droppings, too. The combination of a “lipped” bracket and slotted skirt design allow the DoorSkirts to fit/mount any model cage. It's only the lipped brackets that mount to the cage....the skirts are set right on to the lip of the bracket so you can just lift the skirt right off the brackets when you want to rinse or wipe them clean.  

Turn the brackets around (essentially “backwards”) to somewhat "clamp" the skirts to the door and eliminate the temptation for your feathered friend to try and lift the skirt themselves.

Available in 8”, 11” and 13” widths in black or white.

*Coverage from 8” to 26” or more!

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